TAK/OEE system

The TAK/OEE system is an excellent tool that enables you to increase the productivity of your industry, There are several levels of the system to calculate the value, so here we will classify the operations, from the easiest to the most complex.

The first level is a system based on historical data, with little details to get an idea of the current situation, to assess the potential for improvement.

The second level is a system that relies on the information entered by operators without communication. Therefore, relatively simple methods are used with input fields, database and report management functions, to generate information about significant losses.

The third level is a system with specific equipment connected to the internet through the PLC system. Thus, information about downtime can be obtained in an excellent manner, which increases the level of credibility in the data produced. But, even with this third level system, the operator will need to record the reason for the downtime, because the equipment will not know whether the downtime is due to failure, or due to a lack of demand.

The fourth level is the production control system for the entire factory, which is the most complex to reach successfully. At most times, data management is required, with intelligence business solutions, to create reports. In that way, the operator can get an overview of the entire factory at the same time.

To work with the TAK/OEE system, all employees must learn how to use it, and there should be a strategy to employ the new information. Remember, the more complex system level you choose will enable you to improve your factory continuously.

Also, remember that equipment must be maintained to keep it safe and reliable over the long term. Thus, TAK/OEE planning and proper maintenance help minimise downtime.

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